10 rights you have when renting a property

Once you rent a property, you acquire rights and obligations that are joint between landlords and tenants.

According to Nelson Martinez Pineda, manager of the Araujo y Segovia Property, in Bogotá, in the contracts “there are specific clauses such as the use that will be given to the property, the duration and the terms and everything is governed by Law 820 of 2003”.

Said norm establishes that, with “the urban housing lease contract, two parties are obliged reciprocally, the one to grant the enjoyment of an urban property intended for housing, totally or partially, and the other to pay for this enjoyment a specific price” .

The rights of the tenant

1.  Receive the property from the landlord on the date agreed at the time of making the contract and that it is in good condition.

2. To be able to fully enjoy the property. That is, of the “services, things or related uses, home public services, all the others inherent to the enjoyment of the property and the satisfaction of the needs of the room in it”, as provided by law.

3.  Have a copy of the lease with the original signatures. This must be received within a maximum period of ten days from the date the business is held.

4. Know the rules of horizontal property, when the house that is rented is subject to this regime.

5. That the property receives the necessary maintenance and that when there are damages – not caused by the tenant – they are repaired by the owner.

6. Have a record with the date, value and period corresponding to the payment of the rent.

7. Be informed in advance about increases in the fee and the date from which it becomes effective. This increase may occur every twelve months and must not exceed the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the calendar year immediately prior to the readjustment of the fee.

8. In the event that you have given a deposit of money for eventual damages or non-compliance with the payment of public services and it has not been used, you must request that it be returned.

9. Terminate the contract in the event that the landlord: fails to provide services, when there is a “repeated incursion of the landlord in procedures that seriously affect the full enjoyment of the property”, among other reasons contemplated by Law 820 in its Article 24.

10. Finally, if the landlord needs the property before the contract termination date, he must notify “no less than three months in advance.” As a tenant, “if you comply with the obligation to deliver the property on the indicated date, you will receive the compensation payment”, which, according to paragraph 7 of article 22, corresponds to the value of three months of lease.

When there is an inconvenience due to breaches of the contract, such as the violation of a tenant’s right, this is supported by law and the landlord may incur economic and administrative sanctions or reach a legal process if there is no conciliation between the parties.