4 myths of buying a used home

If you are thinking of investing in housing, do not get carried away by these four beliefs that people have about used properties. Keep in mind that investing in real estate is one of the safest and that a used house or apartment is a great alternative because among the advantages they have is that you can find homes with a larger area at a lower price.

The 4 myths of used housing

According to real estate attorney Martha Ríos, these are the reasons why people don’t buy used homes.

1. New is better:

The truth is that we like to release. But, if you buy used and remodel? that is also brand new.

When you remodel you have the option of choosing what you want the property to have, the colours, materials and finishes. In fact, it could be even better than what they are selling you in a new home. Or at least, if it is not better, the truth is that you chose it to your liking.

2. You have bad energies:

“One wonders: if the difference in the value of a property can reach between 50 and 100 million pesos because it is new or used, I do something with bad energy. I put up with bad energies, or I get someone to take out my bad energies for much less than that amount,” Ríos argues.

3. It is unsafe:

There can always be risks, even in new home projects.

“When people buy from a project, they take the trouble, ideally, to find out who the builder is, look for references, previous projects, do research. Why is it that when people buy used them don’t? People who buy used also have to do their research, of course, a little more. There is a greater risk, of course, but the fact that there is a greater risk is what makes it a business, remember that there is no business without risks”, affirmed the lawyer.

To mitigate the risks and be able to feel stability, security and confidence when buying a used home it is important to investigate, for this, you cannot miss reviewing the certificate of tradition and freedom of the property, in it you will find all the information about the legal situation of the property.

4. It already has a history 

While it is true that a used property already has its history, you can build yours on it.

“People like brand new because we feel that new houses have a feeling of being uninhabited and ultimately what we want is to write our own history in the property. The first time I go into an apartment, even if it’s used, it’s my first day”.