A tool for managing horizontal property

In general, the administration of residential complexes involves several processes that, depending on the number of housing units, can be more complex than others.

Thinking about making life easier for administrators and residents of condominium complexes, the Propiedata.com platform was created.

This website has a virtual assistant that collects and secures all the administrative management information and integrates accounting services, legal advice and payments.

What is the purpose of Propiedata.com?

This company specialized in horizontal property realized that a residential complex is a company that needs both technological tools and a human team to optimize the services it provides to its residents.

In addition to the online assistant that supports residents and administrators in administrative tasks and streamlining processes, Propionate has accounting and financial support, as well as legal advice and monitoring by expert lawyers in horizontal property.

How does it work?

For accounting

The platform does not have accounting software but connects with those already used by accountants and collects documents and contracts available online for both the administrator and managers and residents.

Payment services

The Propionate proposal also differs because it integrates various banks for collection, facilitating the daily work of the administrator and allowing residents to pay their obligations from the platform itself through the PSE system or payment gateways if the group requests it.

A system for each set

Each residential complex that uses this platform will have its own personalized web portal -as well as a mobile application- that gives access to Propionate and generates a sense of belonging but also becomes a communication channel between administrative management and residents.

In the portal, you can find a digital billboard, a reservation system for services in common areas and even a voting system for decision-making in assemblies.

Its application in new projects

This tool is also a good option for horizontal property management from the conception of a housing project.

Real estate or construction companies, for example, can use the platform so that future residents get involved with the community of the complex from the beginning and can be aware of how the works are going and the delivery times of their homes.

Who is using the platform?

At present, Propionate has more than 7,000 users among residents, tenants and real estate companies.

“Communication and follow-up have been a big problem, not having the information generates traumas for the residents and for this reason Propionate has been of great help. Working in horizontal property is difficult and without tools that make life easier for us, we will not be able to continue in this job,” explains Manuel Torres, manager of a group in Bogotá.

This revolution in co-ownership management is being supported by entities such as the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia (Mantic), through Apps.co and impulse. In addition, it is part of the group of startups that is promoting Colombia Protect (Property and Technology, in English), an association for all those entrepreneurship initiatives that are putting technology at the service of the real estate sector.