Administration is obliged to issue authorization to carry out freight

Is it the duty of the administration to issue a peace and safe and/or authorization to carry out a move in a horizontal property building?

Answer. Article 51 of Law 675 of 2001 determines the functions of the administrator.

One of them is to issue the peace of mind of accounts with the administration of the building or complex each time there is a change in the holder or owner of a particular property.

Therefore, it is the duty of the administrator to issue peace and except when there are changes of owner or holder.

It is convenient to include in the regulations or through the coexistence manual, the procedure and conditions to carry out the fiddling, among which is, the request addressed to the administrator, authorization, schedules and in some cases pay a deposit that covers possible damages in the common areas of the complex.

It should be noted that the provisions of the aforementioned documents are mandatory for the administrator and for owners and holders.

About integral cooperatives

The owner of an apartment belonging to a residential complex raises the following query: As members of the board of directors, can the creation of a comprehensive cooperative with all residents be promoted?

Is it viable and legal for this class of properties that insurance for vehicles of the residents of the complex can be offered and sold, as well as other services offered by comprehensive cooperatives?

Answer. In accordance with the provisions of Article 33 of Law 675 of 2001, the legal entity that originated in the constitution of horizontal property is civil in nature, non-profit and has specific objectives.

Therefore, I consider that it would not be feasible for the board of directors to promote the creation of the cooperative among the owners as if it were related to the horizontal property regime of the property.

This does not prevent the owners, individually and outside the aforementioned regime, from associating or forming a company, for any lawful purpose.