Do you want to rent your home for tourism purposes?

It is a fact that technology platforms have generated new business opportunities in different sectors. As for the real estate sector, people have seen in them an opportunity to promote their properties for tourism purposes.

What characteristics does tourist housing have?

The most important characteristics of tourist housing, according to experts Dagoberto Vaquero, legal advisor for Costello Bogotá, and Nester Guevara, legal advisor for the Bogota Real Estate Market, are the following:

• Are those properties that are rented for a period of less than 30 days?

• These properties must have the family home as their main destination, that is, the Land Registry must show that they are residential and not commercial.

• It can be any type of property: house, apartment or farm

• It must have, at least, the following spaces: bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom

If you make your home available to tourists, these are your duties:

• Homes for the provision of tourist services must be registered with the National Tourism Registry. The Registry is a prerequisite and mandatory for the property to be used as a tourist home.

• The National Tourism Registry must be updated every year.

• If you have two or more properties for this purpose, both must be registered.

• If the dwelling to be used for these purposes is part of the horizontal property, the regulation must expressly establish the possibility of allocating the properties for such use.

Other important considerations

• The lease does not apply to renting a home for tourism purposes. The one that must be signed between the parties is a hosting contract.

• It is governed by Decree 2590 of 2009, which stipulates what it is, how the service must be provided and the requirements that must be met.

• The experts recommend refraining from renting the house for tourist purposes if the aforementioned requirements are not met.

What is the importance of legalizing this service? We explain it to you with the following example: if illegal activities are carried out by the tenants in the property, you, as the owner, can expropriate the property by administrative means.

Renting your home for tourist purposes can be very lucrative, but if you do not comply with the requirements of the Law, you can suffer many headaches.