Expenses that you must assume when renting a home

If you are thinking about the option of going to live in rent in order to become independent or organize a family, keep in mind the following disbursements that we often do not know about and that will make this step that you have just taken less cumbersome. We at taj residencia islamabad are here to guide you.

1. In the search process

Before you make the decision to rent a property, analyze aspects very well so that your finances are not affected each month:

• Calculate the expenses of public services according to the stratum.

• Add the cost of the rent and take into account if the administration value is included.

• If the home does not have a parking space, consider this expense.

• If your new home is far from your job, consider the cost of transportation.

2. Cost of moving

If you’ve already found the house, it’s time to do the tinkering. Remember that the value depends on factors such as place of collection and taking of things, sometimes we make decisions such as renting a small vehicle or the famous ‘carry’ and it must make several trips to carry everything, this is reflected in the collection.

Also, there are special moving services that they offer:

• Vehicle service with driver.

• Assistants who will help you lower the objects.

• Protection elements such as cotton blankets.

• The process can take between 4 and 5 hours.

• The value depends on factors such as place of transfer, size of the truck, routes, among others.

3. Read the clauses of the contract very well

Before closing the business, it is important as they say colloquially that you read ‘the fine print’ and if you have questions, consult a lawyer. Generally, leases are signed for one year and have penalties if you decide to terminate them early.

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4. Who should pay for the living arrangements?

By law, the landlord must bear the maintenance costs of the property so that it is in the best conditions so that the tenant can enjoy it. When there is a real estate agency involved, it must bear the expenses.

5. In what cases does the tenant pay for the rental arrangements?

The tenants must assume the payment of some local repairs in case the damages have been caused by their fault. In addition, if the home has grates in the patios, the tenant must bear the cost of maintenance, as well as that caused by clogged siphons and clogged pipes.

6. Utility deposit

According to Law 820 of 2003, in article 15, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the landlord may require the tenant to provide guarantees or bonds in order to guarantee to each company that provides home public services the payment of bills. Corresponding.

The guarantee or deposit, in no case, may exceed the value of the public services corresponding to the fixed charge, the charge for connection contributions and the charge per consumption unit, corresponding to two (2) consecutive billing periods, in accordance with what is established in article 18 of Law 689 of 2001.